WHITE PLAINS, NY — September 14, 2011 - Digital Alert Systems, a division of Monroe Electronics and a leading innovator of next-generation Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS), today announced a new technology partnership with RCS, leading provider of radio station automation systems, that will improve EAS event processing. Tighter integration of the DASDEC™ emergency messaging platform with RCS NexGen Digital radio automation software will allow broadcasters to minimize disruption to on-air programming — and any impact on commercial breaks and associated revenues — during automatic insertion of EAS events.

"We are very proud of the new EAS integration to RCS' NexGen Digital. RCS has worked hard to make sure all our stations have the most up-to-date and reliable interface for the next generation EAS alerting and announcements," said Chip Jellison, Executive Vice President of Development and Technology at RCS. "We appreciate the team at Digital Alert Systems working with us as we make tremendous improvements in handling EAS messaging."

The RCS-DAS interface communicates EAS information between the NexGen Digital automation and the DASDEC over an IP network using Digital Alert Systems' exclusive EAS-Net™ communications protocol. When the DASDEC receives an EAS alert, it uses this link to pass the appropriate information to the RCS system, which in turn examines the active playlist, finds the next logical break, and seamlessly inserts the EAS event audio - eliminating any playout constraints over multiple channels.

"We're always striving to make it easier for broadcasters to provide emergency messaging to listeners and to reduce the cost and complexity of performing this service," said Bill Robertson, business development manager at DAS. "While we're been working hard to remain a leader in meeting new standards, we're also leading through partnerships that tie our DASDEC's into leading solutions, such as NexGen Digital." "With the RSC-DAS interface radio broadcasters can benefit even more broadly from implementing both of our industry-leading solutions."

The DASDEC-II represents the latest generation of flexible emergency messaging technology. The system was the first acknowledged FCC-certified EAS encoder/decoder capable of receiving CAP messaging and the first CAP alert origination solution to successfully complete FEMA's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) conformance testing under the consumer and producer designation.

NexGen Digital is the most widely used radio automation software in the United States and all over the world. NexGen Digital is perfect for enterprise-wide systems or single stations, and more than 2,500 stations today use NexGen Digital to play every minute of their audio every day.

Further information about Digital Alert Systems' EAS products is available by phone at +1 (585) 765-1155 and online at www.digitalalertsystems.com.