Faster Response Time in GSelector 3.7.0

White Plains, NY May 8, 2008 - RCS continues to enhance GSelector; the program that virtually eliminates unscheduled song positions. This guarantees that the best song lands in the best slot every time with GSelector. The RCS patented goal-driven demand based scheduling engine in GSelector is like no other music scheduling program. You create a station, design clocks, enter and code your songs, and then GSelector will schedule them according to their natural demand.

New to GSelector 3.7:

GSelector Helper is a new utility that loads when Windows starts and allows GSelector to start and run more efficiently.

When highlighting items in the Editor the Test Bar and Failure Details panes now update more quickly.

There's a new LINKER | Link Goals | Balance window allowing you to apply Shifts, Limits, Maximum per Hour and Minimum Separation values to individual links.

A new Cumulative Airtime field is now available in the Editor, in Export Schedule and in Reports.

The interface between GSelector and Master Control Versions 15.2.2 c and greater has been significantly improved.

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